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A remarkable person

Sofi is a remarkable person. One of the qualities I find most fascinating about Sofi and her teachings is her rare ability to integrate her own growth and introspection into her work. She doesn't simply teach the same class over and over. Sofi is constantly drawing upon a genuine interest in a profound energy we all share. I feel a sincere gratitude for her insights and how they help shape my life and work.

- H.B. Burlington, Vermont

100% genuine

"Nothing is more peaceful and rewarding for me than practicing with Sofi. At once she challenges, calms, and stimulates my body and mind. In part from what she says, and in part from how she says it, her lessons are instructive, insightful, and soothing. Her words are gentle, encouraging, and admirably articulated, whether she is opening class with a lesson, leading a chant, or guiding us through our poses. What's more, she is 100% genuine. There is no show with Sofi. Just a terrific opportunity to be present, to learn, and to grow, by sharing in Sofi's wonderful array of qualities."

— David Barnett, Philosophy Professor, Boulder Colorado

A "teacher's teacher"

"Sofi teaches in the classic Jivamukti style — every class is physically challenging, mentally invigorating, spiritually uplifting and fun!

I have been taking Sofi's classes for years now and every one is unique — she is a creative, thoughtful and dedicated teacher. Her students can feel her commitment and passion for the content that she is teaching each month — the "focus of the month."  She is articulate in delivering this content and terrific at expressing yoga philosophy contents. I often find myself quoting what she says in class to my husband later that day!

Sofi brings years of experience to her teaching, a love of the asana practice and solid knowledge of the philosophy behind just "doing the poses" that are so often found in other vinyasa classes.  She is truly a 'teacher's teacher!'"

— Debbie Wien

Creating and sharing a space

"I have committed to Jivamukti yoga practice for over a year, thanks to the blessed guidance of Sofi Dillof. My intention to develop discipline in meditation practice has been guided, enriched and supported through Jivamukti class. Through sacred vibrations and chants, spiritual readings and teachings transmitted by Sofi, the “ground” is richly cultivated to integrate edification mind, body and spirit; embodying inner wisdom. The discipline of meditation/yoga practice integrated into my life process, sparked healing, management and recovery of an anxiety disorder, whereby pharmaceutical interventions are no longer necessary. As a single mother of two teens, full time graduate student, living on education loans and savings (from support service staff positions that paid below livable wage) who continues to provide supportive counseling to people who struggle with mental health issues, I cannot afford NOT to regularly attend Jivamukti yoga class. Too much would be at stake, when the potential output is greater than the input. Given my superfluous “nurturing” agenda, I lead a solitary life. While, surely I sometimes practice asanas at home, it does not substitute for attending a jivamukti class; it would be like telling a developing spiritual practitioner that all he needs to do to catalyze change and growth, is to pray at home alone. In other words, going to jivamukti yoga class for me is like going to a temple; creating and sharing a space alongside fellow beings, led towards a truth that lies deep within, fortifying our connection to life.

The true testimony in how the discipline of meditation/Jivamukti yoga practice strengthens the heart of a warrior, allowing him/her to move with clear intention and sharp precision through life’s uncertain grounds, became powerfully evident to me through a recent/current transformative process. I selflessly and effectively advocated for my mother, while intimately accompanying and assisting in her spiritual renewal process through dying and death. Two years ago, without cultivation of these deep internal processes (meditation/yoga practice) I would have, at least temporarily, experienced great anxiety/depression requiring some medication management, in order to function to the extent that my life requires it, alongside overwhelming grief, pain and loss."

— Jivamukti Practitioner

Spirit, dedication and humor

"I started going to Sofi’s classes nine years ago as a preparation for open heart surgery. Her classes build on a foundation of rich asana practice combined with chanting, personal commentary and readings from sources ranging from classic texts to contemporary letters. Her spirit and dedication, mixed with a healthy sense of humor, have inspired me and drawn me back to her class each week, even during those dry times when my life and practice seem to have gotten ‘stuck’. Through her guidance, my own practice has expanded from doing only the postures to include reading the classic texts and trying to incorporate the principles into how I live each day. She has helped heal my body, open my heart and enrich my spirit."

— Jim Hester

Quiet Devotion

Sofi's classes are at once inspirational and full of quiet devotion.  She creates a space where the class can move as one, and there is an intense pleasure in sharing asana practice with other people yet I never feel crowded or bothered by the others in the room -- somehow Sofi leads in such a way that we can all have our individual experiences together.  I always leave feeling both energized and relaxed, exhilarated and full of love.



Sofi has really helped me with my down dog and I'm a dog so she must be good.

- her poodle, Penny

Sofi playing her harmonium